The Benefits of Active and Productive Sitting

Did you realize that you could really extend your life by decreasing the amount of time you rest on your rear-end daily?

I realize how silly that sounds. However, it’s, in fact, true.

Feng Shui 03A new study has disclosed that if you limit the amount of time you sit, you might inevitably enhance your life expectancy (in grownups) for two complete years. Many spend time in one position behind their desks.

In the same research, it was discovered that a person might, in fact, extend their life by an added 1.4 years if they cut down their TV watching to less than two hours daily.

Researchers collected this data for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Study from 2005-2006, and 2009-2010.

This research, however, does not show indefinitely that sitting for long periods of time can cause a sudden Feng Shui 02death though it has shown that there is a link in between the two. Usually, individuals all over the world are seated for 9 or more hours daily. Particularly those people who work long hours behind a desk, or who regularly travel.

The “sitting illness”, as it’s been called in numerous studies, is the illness of sitting too much. Researchers have connected this illness to increased danger of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even stroke.

Breast cancer and colon cancer have likewise been linked to the “sitting illness”, a new American Institute for Cancer Research study has revealed. Medical professionals have actually known for many years that exercise lowers the risk for chronic disease, like cancer.

A growing number of people might lower the threat of a serious ailment, or death if they would become more physically active throughout their day. Here is a couple of tips to assist you to become more active throughout your day:

  • For every hour, you sit, attempt and get up and walk around for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Try and take a quick 30 minute walk every day
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk instead of driving (when appropriate).
  • Play high energy music and dance around.
  • Play a game. See how far you can walk, or the number of steps you can take each day.

Feng Shui 01Even if a person sets aside time to go to the health club, or commits to some exercise daily, studies and medical specialists suggest that you do not end up sitting around for the rest of your day.

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, however, realize that there are health dangers connected with sitting around and watching television, playing computer game, or sitting behind your desk too long. Get up and move more, it simply might conserve your life.

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