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Electronic Whiteboard Uses, Features and Factors to Consider when Purchasing

This significantly enhances student collaboration and significantly increases retention. In this paper, we will provide very important information whiteboards including the available features and the factors that should consider when purchasing the same.

An interactive whiteboard can be defined as an instructional tool that enable instructors or teachers to use computer images that are displayed on the board using digital projectors. The user can manipulate the elements displayed on the board using his or her finger as the mouse.

The elements can be dragged and copied, and the user can also handwrite notes. The handwritten notes can then be transformed into text and saved. They are especially very important in at-work presentations to demonstrate important concepts and also record meetings, and universities as they allow integration of media content into a presentation and supports collaborative learning.

Features available

The board comes with various features that make it very useful in the business and school settings. Some of the features available include the following:

· Highlight text and add annotations

· Add handwritten notes and drawing and save for printing, sharing or also add to a virtual learning environment

· The users can also show educational videos and pictures to their audience.

In the nutshell, the board can accommodate any application that runs on a computer. With the board, you can annotate text documents, demonstrate a piece of software or surf the internet.

The boards are also used as a pedagogical tool as they promote creative teaching and enable students to absorb information better. They are very important as they enable teachers to accommodate different learning styles. For example, visual learners benefit as they get a clear view of the happenings, tactile learners can touch and also move things around the board, and audio learners can take part in class discussions.

Factors to consider when purchasing

There are several boards on the market and making the right decision can be an overwhelming and a daunting task. The following are very important factors to consider when purchasing whiteboards.

Ease of use

It is good to purchase a board that is easy to use. Although the item comes with a user manual, some dealers provide onsite training.

Cost and quality

The most expensive board is not necessary the best board and vice versa. Thus, you should consider the quality of the board.

You should also consider the resolution and the minimum number of audience you are expecting.


An electronic whiteboard is an expensive investment. Thus, it is wise to buy from a reputable dealer.

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