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One of the most sort-after topics in any search engine today is ‘jobs’. There are hundreds of websites that provide opportunities to freshers and experienced professionals to level up in their career and find the most suitable job for themselves.

These job portals offer help to employers who are on the lookout for suitable employees as well as to Nursing 02candidates who are in search of jobs. The job portals offer jobs for almost every field of work – technical, IT, BPO, aviation and so on. One of the fields where there is a lot of demand for jobs is ‘Nursing’. There are many portals that offer Nursing Jobs.

The types of jobs in the field of nursing –

There are many types of jobs in the world of nursing. Some of them are listed below:-

· Nursing home – Nurses are required in hospitals and nursing homes to take care of patients.

· Home staff Nursing – Nurses are appointed at the patient’s residence for more care.

· Burn unit nursing – Burn units have specially trained nurses to look after burn victims.

· School Nursing – Nurses are appointed in schools to take care of school goers.

· Pediatric Nursing – Kids are looked after by nurses.

· Clinic Nursing – Nurses help doctors and assist patients in clinics.

· Flight Nursing – Nurses are sometimes appointed for flights where they take care of any injuries or problems that can happen on the plane.

· Oncology Nursing – Special nurses are available who are specially trained to take care of patients suffering from cancer.

· Nurse Recruiter – There are specially trained individuals who understand the requirements of the job and hence, recruit nurses for various companies.

· Industrial health care Nursing – Nurses are appointed in industries where occupational injuries can occur.Nursing 03

· Nurse Trainers – Trainers who have knowledge and experience in the field of nursing provide coaching to individuals who aspire to take up nursing as their career choice.

The job portals offer jobs in the various fields of nursing. However, some portals charge a lot. They charge the employer, or the candidate and sometimes both the parties. When the job providers do not charge the candidate directly, they charge indirectly by charging the employer. This in turn is charged back to the candidate by the employers in various ways. Therefore, it is very much important for employers and employees to choose the most appropriate job provider. Hence, individuals dealing with these nursing jobs should be cautious in choosing the best to suit the purpose.

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